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Woodland Heights Internal Medicine offers comprehensive care, from routine and preventive health services to special needs. Helping you to maintain good health and wellness - for a lifetime - is our primary goal. For more information, or to request an appointment, please call (936) 634-8300 or or (936) 634-8827.

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Mariyam Cherry, M.D.

Internal medicine physician Mariyam Cherry, M.D., is here to help you become your healthiest self. She focuses on adult patients, providing preventive care and treating conditions that range from everyday illnesses to diabetes, heart disease and COPD.

Sushma Arramraju, M.D.

As an internal medicine physician, Dr. Arramraju treats both acute and chronic conditions for those 18 and older. Staying on top of the latest developments is important as she offers quality, compassionate care to her patients.

Woodland Heights Adult Medicine

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Free Preventive Care Services

Keeping your family and yourself healthy includes preventive care. Often, insurance plans cover preventive services without charging a co-pay or co-insurance — even if you haven't met your yearly deductible.

In fact, all plans offered through the new health insurance Marketplace (established by the Affordable Care Act, sometimes
called "Obamacare") are required to cover certain preventive services at no cost to patients.

Click the links below if you obtained coverage through healthcare.gov or a state insurance Marketplace:

If you have health insurance through another source, such as an employer or broker, the requirement for 100% coverage
may not yet apply. However, most traditional plans still cover preventive services, and some may include full coverage.

To confirm your level of coverage for preventive care and to make sure your insurance is on our list of accepted plans, check with your insurance provider or employer. Or our practice staff may be able help you. Call us today to schedule your preventive care.

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Woodland Heights Internal Medicine

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Woodland Heights Adult Medicine

1 Medical Center Blvd.

Lufkin, TX 75904

(936) 634-8827

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